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Dining Experience in Metropolitan City of Jakarta

Jakarta now offers a great variety of sophisticated fine dining restaurants located in many sections of the sprawling metropolitan city. The most celebrated Indonesian cuisine and international restaurants are located in unique surroundings as they are situated in tasteful and well-appointed places. You can eat with a uniquely relaxing atmosphere of intimate, graceful dining like in those early days long gone. The Café Batavia round the old Stadhuis in Fatahillah Square at Old Batavia also will take you one back to the grand kind of sumptuous meals at the Dutch colonial era.

Meanwhile, you can find the Jakarta’s top resorts that serve grand buffets for lunch in one all-inclusive cost where diners can choose from a broad selection of cuisine. Malls have become the place to pamper customers, in which entire floors are devoted to upscale restaurants. There are also smaller bistros, cafes and fast food to cater to the thousands of busy professional workers from the surrounding office towers, and shoppers and cinema fan are filling the attached cineplex.

The Kemang place in South Jakarta Is a little world all of its own where are some top international restaurants, one of which the Turkish Anatolia restaurant, but also others serving the first course Italian, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, or even Dutch cuisine.

The most comfortable way to get the call for a taxi from the hotel or phone. If you aren’t used to driving one of Jakarta’s peculiar traffic rules and behavior, it is better not even to try to drive on your own in Jakarta, because this might be your blood pressure no end. You will find “car calls” and valet services available at all resorts and malls to call motorists. Or else, use your cellphone to call your driver.

If you are more adventurous attempt The TransJakarta express buses, which connect the main streets of Jakarta and are more dependable. Ensure to know your destination (and most importantly, which bus to take, and that means you will not be lost).

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