How To Prevent Security Breaching In IoT Devices?

IoT (Internet of Things) devices have become the reality of the cyber world nowadays. This term signifies every single device that uses the internet. On this account, the number of IoT devices is overwhelmingly high. And this is the reason that security breach has become such a common occurrence these days. It has become easier for hackers to locate vulnerabilities in so many devices and then exploit them to rip off the fortunes of companies and users. If you have been working towards finding out ways to strengthen the cybersecurity of your company against online security breaches, the guide below will prove to be very helpful.

8 Strategies To Prevent A Data Security Breach

Cybersecurity experts suggest the use of all the following 8 strategies if you want to give your business a chance to stand against the kinds of malware and phishing attacks that hackers launch these days. Every single strategy will work like 1 additional layer of defense.

  1. Use a legal password generating software to lock all the IoT devices connected to the DVR. The password for each device should be different and unique
  2. Configure a firewall and keep all the IoT devices and the DVR behind the firewall. Even if the backdoor password is breached, hackers can still not misuse your devices as long as the firewall remains unbreached
  3. Use antivirus software with advanced tools and settings. Antivirus keeps the system clean of viruses. It is also capable of identifying websites and emails that might be carrying malicious attachments and links
  4. Use software and network testing tools to keep the system bug-free. One of the most effective ways to debug software is by installing the new updates. Also, keep discarding old applications to reduce the threat of malware and phishing attacks
  5. Hire ethical hackers to work with your cybersecurity team. Their work is to study the software code to identify and remove any hidden vulnerability before unethical hackers can exploit that vulnerability to launch a vicious malware attack
  6. Do not circulate the backdoor password of the DVR and other IoT devices. Lesser the people know about it, the better it is.
  7. Protect the router with a strong wifi password. Open wifi network can be misused to spread malware via the router system
  8. Attach only a few selective devices to the DVR. Also, do not forget to run an antivirus scan of the device before importing any file

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