If You Are in Bangkok and Your iPhone Dies You Can Get It Repaired


There is a Mac and Apple repair center in Bangkok that makes the claim that they can repair any Mac or Apple product and use genuine parts with their repair services. They repair iPhones, iPads, and complete services as well as repair service for MacBook repair [รับซ่อม MacBook, which are the term in Thai], iMac and all types of Apple products with experienced Apple technicians to do the repair.

Other services

They can handle problems with items that have dropped in water, have cracked screens, battery deterioration and replacement, USB broken, unplugged turned off, keyboard dropped, trackpad broken, problems with hard disk, RAM changed, change video cards, problems with camera, Wi-Fi broken. They repair all models, all symptoms and at a cheap price.

Repairs at cheap price

All models, all symptoms, repair at a cheap price with a professional team. They can:

  • Replace screens;
  • Batteries on all models of iPhone;
  • Repair work is guaranteed;

If you need repair work customers can be met in front of the shop or by the post office. The work of the expert technician is analysed after the repairs are done. There is a wholesale price for mobile shops that have interest in repair services.

Get into the Mac program

This shop has more than 800+ programs and programs are taught by professionals. They are ready to consult on the use of any of these programs.  There are also online services to help with problems after the sales with any of these programs.

This is a full Mac repair center and will bid on the price before the repair without charge.

There is no charge if the problem is one that is protected under AppleCare+, warranty, or consumer law. If your issue is not covered, the price will rest on the type of repair.

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