Learn About Different Kinds of Pearls Grown From Different Oysters

Pearls have been in every woman’s heart since decades. It is the only gemstone that is created through a living creature, rest all are obtained through mines or rocks. Since naturally grown pearls are limited, hence farmers are cultivating them in freshwater and sea water.

Earlier, it was believed that pearls were available only in cream white but with time choices and preferences have changed, so has the demand of various shades of pearls. Thus, some are cultivated naturally while some are dyed.

Pearl necklace and eardrops are common items that are looked for. However, fashion industry is versatile and thus the designers try to bring unique forms of style into the market. Instead of the stereotype pearl accessories they have brought pearl into the world of bags, shoes, jackets, as well. Hence, pearl is now no longer a choice of middle aged women, but it’s also a preference of youngsters who love trendy and stunning look.

Here are different sorts of pearls available –

  • Freshwater pearls are common form of cultivated pearls and are grown under rivers, lakes, ponds in molluscs instead of oysters. Their uniqueness is their shape which is baroque or semi baroque, but hardly round in shape.
  • South Sea pearl is very expensive pearls as it is largest among all other pearls, which means it takes more time to cultivate it.
  • Akoya pearls were the first to be cultivated and are well-known for their unique lustre and perfect round shape. They are ideal for accessories worn in weddings and major events.
  • Tahitian or black pearls are recognized for their unique dark shades, especially black. They are grown in special oysters named black lip oysters which are quite big in size compared to other oysters, which means that pearls get enough space to grow bigger and round.
  • Biwa pearls are freshwater pearls that are grown in Japan in Lake Biwa and are famous for their unique shape that is of a stick or rice grain. They have healing properties and are good for mind to build self-confidence.

These pearls have their own uniqueness, which makes them priceless and valuable. There are many fake pearls also available in market. Therefore, buy from a jeweller who is reliable and offers warranty for the gem.

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