Pros and cons of L shaped modular kitchen

Planning to get a new kitchen module and finding ways to get transform into an amazing space? It’s crucial to plan for the workplace layout and design. Choosing the right layout can help you enhance your comfort and productivity to work in the kitchen zone. You need to concentrate more on the ergonomics of the layout, considering many factors, like width of the passage, height of the cabinet from the floor, and so on. There is a range of designs or layouts, such as U-shaped, parallel, L shaped, straight to choose from. The most famous and typical arrangement that many owners go for is the L shaped module.

What’s an L shaped kitchen?

One of the efficient designs, L shape can offer a great work triangle to do the cooking, preparation, and cleanup.  In this type, two walls of the kitchen are used to form an L shape. This look suits both traditional and contemporary design styles. The styles or layouts can be practically approached to offer very comfortable zone for the users.  Like everything else, it also comes with few advantages and disadvantages, as stated below.


Suitable for open floor plans

Since it can be easily adapted into any floor designs, having an L shaped module will give you sufficient room for your kitchen equipments, appliances, and gadgets. It will offer you the flexibility of installing any boundaries with kitchen islands. You will get enough space to walk around, making you feel like you’ve roomier interior. Ideal for both small and large rooms, the open-living floor plans optimises practical and storage usage.

A great work triangle area

The work triangle here will allow you to move easily between your oven/cook top, sink, and refrigerator. From preparation to washing, everything seems easier. Even with its simple layout, it can offer the most flexibility and adding an island design can offer you extra preparation area.

Great corner solutions

You do not want any space to go waste, as even a small inch is premium here. Getting a corner style layout can maximize the untouched corner spaces. Smart storage solutions, like rotatable corner cabinets will give you entire storage space.


No space for more than one cook

Having an L shaped module can become frustrating for more than one cook. Since things are kept across in one side, it can make you work hard to make a meal. You need to carefully place the kitchen elements and appliances so that there is usual workflow for two cooks, when needed.

Can minimize efficiency in open floor plans

Though it can fit any open floor plans, it will as well minimize the efficiency of the user, as all things are spread out in different cabinets, it may hard to get access to items quickly. You need to plan wisely, so that you don’t get tired walking back and forth between your fridge, sink, and gas stove.

Hope these details will help you to select the right layout for your kitchen. Get inspired from the various l shaped modular kitchen designs that fit your social and functional aspects.

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